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4 Ways to Give


  • Online: By clicking on the donate button
  • While You Shop: When ever you shop Amazon Smile choose Easy Does It Emergency Services Program as your supporting charity Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to Easy Does It.
  • By Mail: Please mail your tax deductible check payable to: Easy Does It 3017 Telegraph Ave #210 Berkeley, CA 94705 Please write donation on memo line.
  • By Phone: Call (510) 845-5513 from 9-4 Monday –Friday. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Easy Does It Emergency Services (EDI) is a small non-profit run predominantly by people who have physical disabilities, striving to serve the larger community of people with disabilities in the City of Berkeley, California. The major focus of EDI is to provide emergency in-home support to disabled residents to ensure they can lead independent lives. Other services include transportation, wheelchair repair, case management, and provisions for community-wide disasters.

When an EDI client’s attendant doesn’t show, or a client is between attendants, or even when a client’s wheelchair breaks down in the middle of shopping, EDI is there. Without EDI, some of our clients would be unable to support themselves. Instead of living in a private residence they would be institutionalized, setting back some of the great strides in social progress that have been made by our community.

The stories below illustrate the vital nature of our work: Mary, a quadriplegic, needs an attendant to assist her with personal care, food preparation, and house cleaning. She used our emergency attendants five times in a week, when her private attendant had the flu. Without this assistance, Mary would not have been able to get out of bed. She would have to rely on friends and family to help feed and dress her. She would have had no way to counter her family’s worries about whether she could really live independently.

EDI rescued John with an accessible van when his motorized wheelchair stalled in downtown Berkeley. This same transportation service enabled Louise, an elderly disabled woman, to reach an urgent, same-day medical appointment. If the city’s general emergency services had to address these clients’ needs, the cost to taxpayers would be three times as great. We urge you to give generously to enhance these vital services to the disability community.